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I have mostly retired from refereeing papers and writing recommandation letters.

Become RICH with my prizes

I am writing a self-contained introduction to the basics of Quantum Field Theory specially designed for mathematicians who know no physics and only undergraduate mathematics. (You may notice a self-description here.) The project is nearing completion. A large part of the book have already been read by persons with no background in the field, so that it is now PROVED that it is actually readeable. I need MORE VOLUNTEERS. Please participate to this project. If you help me you earn access to a 24/7 help line and tutoring through this material. Here is the table of contents of version 0.99

I am writting a new edition of the Lower and Upper bounds book. If you have any input that could help me improve that book please share it with me. You may find the begining of the preliminary version of the new edition here .

If you are desperate to get my books and your library can't afford them, try to type the words "library genesis" in a search engine. However much I desagree with piracy, this site can be very useful, at least until our libraries carry electronic versions of older books.

The Ledoux-Talagrand book has been reprinted in the affordable series Classics in Mathematics. Still Springer-Verlag has most generously agreed that I distribute the file below. This is the file of a preliminary version, and the references are missing. Use it at your own risk: Probability in Banach Spaces.

It is AGAINST MY WILL that Springer keeps selling my 2005 book "The Generic Chaining". This serves NO scientific purpose, since the material of this book is reworked with a lot more details in my 2014 book "Upper and Lower Bounds for Stochastic Processes". Please let this be known, and don't ever open this obsolete book.

I miss them so much