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I started gradually retiring from mathematics when I reached age 60, and this process was basically complete as of October 2021 when the corrected proofs of the last book were sent to the printer. But I will be happy to dicuss my previous work and my problems as long as I am fit to do it.

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My book: "What is a quantum Field theory" will be out soon. Here you can find some endorsements . (No, this is not an unbiased sample of opinions. Yes, all these people are my buddies.) I would love to have any feedback on that book, just in case I live long enough to make a second edition. In which way could the book have been more useful to you? Which parts where not helpful at all? And please send me any typos you have noticed.

I have written a new edition of my 2014 book "Upper and Lower Bounds for Stochastic Processes". This is a MAJOR remodeling, and many 30+ years problems have been solved. You may find the begining here . And here are some thoughts related to one of my long-standing matching problems which occurred to me too late to be included in the book. There will be no further editions of this book, but if you have some comments that could help others please share them with me and I will try to make them available.

Every mathematician writes a last paper. It could very well be this one (to appear in RSA). I feel lucky to be pretty proud of it.

If you are desperate to get my books and your library can't afford them, try to type the words "library genesis" in a search engine. I desagree with piracy, but this site saved me many trips to the library, which unfortunately does not carry electronic versions of older books.

The Ledoux-Talagrand book has been reprinted in the affordable series Classics in Mathematics. Still Springer-Verlag has most generously agreed that I distribute the file below. This is the file of a preliminary version, and the references are missing. Use it at your own risk: Probability in Banach Spaces.

In my youth I have published some papers in the Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques, of which there does not exist an electronic version. You may find several of them here: Papers in Bull. Sci. Math.

Un interview avec la gazette des mathématiciens.

Biography for the Shaw Prize.

Agregation 1974.

Journal de Puteaux. I love the cute drawings made by the journalist.

I miss them so much